Step2wo are a renowned high end children’s shoe brand, launched in 2007 by two Britsh designers, who come from four generatons of shoe-makers. We were frst introduced to the designers working on Step2wo at the Retail Design Expo in London 2015. They were looking to implement a new in-store concept to roll out across multple large, prestgious, department stores. Afer discussing our wide array of products, they felt that our circular four-way post would best ft their edgy yet elegant brand in ofering them a free-standing system.

During the weeks afer the show, we worked closely on designing a top/botom spigot for fxing the post to the ceiling and the foor, as well as an alternatve system to use when fxtures to foors and ceilings were not possible.

The system has now been successfully installed into areas within Selfridges (Oxford Street) and Fenwicks (Brent Cross).