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Anodised gold recessed slotted track & Powder coated spigot


All of our stocked profiles can be anodised or powder coated to meet the customer requirement; some of the items we stock are held in anodised, mill finish or polished chemically brightened finish.

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Powde coated and fabricated mirror trim
Anodising finishs

Any of our stock profiles can be anodised silver, black, bronze or gold. This offers a high level of protection, a superior look and finish that can only be achieved through anodising. We can offer standard decorative anodising to a level of AA5 microns, but also if required supply anodised to AA25 microns for external use.

Anodising finishs
Powder coating fnsihes

Powder Coating
We can offer customers an unrivalled quality of finish and durability through our preparation and pre-treatment for electrostatic powder coating for internal or external applications. We offer a full range of RAL and BS colours to meet your specification.

Powder coating fnsihes
Chemically Brighten and Linishing finishes

Chemically Brightening and Linishing
We can offer a finish that replicates stainless steel on our aluminium profiles, through linishing and chemically brightening either light bronze or silver. We can linish almost any profile and combine with a black/bronze polished finish.

These finishes have been widely used as an alternative to heavy/costly stainless steel angles to finish off columns or high quality perfumery units. Our chemically brightened extrusions are fully sealed, which means over time the finish will not tarnish unlike if you were to polish aluminium ‘only’ the material will tarnish over time as it is not sealed.

Chemically Brighten and Linishing finishes
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