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The Lynx Aluminium
Powered System

The lynx aluminium power rail system uses a pair of standard 32mm slotted aluminum uprights. The power rail standard length is 1600mm but can be supplied in alternative lengths if required.


The power rail main busbar is manufactured from extruded PVC and houses a copper strip which carries the 24V DC power supply. One rail is positive and the other side is negative. The extrusion is fixed to the rear of the slotted upright and is powered from the bottom of the rail by a gear tray. The standard gear trays have either a 60W or a 100W driver fitted.


When shelf brackets are inserted into the slotted uprights the contact engages, providing power to the LEDs.

Advance’s lynx aluminium power rail shelving system offers retailers a versatile, fully insulated, adjustable power delivery system for use with a variety of standard shelving systems.

Manufactured to BS EN60570:2003, the system is fully retrofittable and can be used in conjunction with Advance’s Ara range of undershelf lighting.

The system removes the need for unsightly cables and connectors, improving the visual merchandising space and reducing maintenance costs.

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